David Koch, from the billionaire Koch brothers’ family network, dies aged 79

David Koch, a dollar billionaire, and a globally acclaimed conservative activist has died aged 79, as shared by his brother.

According to the BBC, the former majority owner of Koch Industries was ranked by Forbes below brother Charles as the 11th richest person in the world.

The news of his death was confirmed in a statement from Charles Koch, who said that his brother was first diagnosed with prostate cancer 27 years ago and given only a few years to live.

The company founded by Charles and David Koch – the second largest privately owned business in the US – has interests ranging from pipelines to paper towels.

According to the Koch Industries website, they have more than 120,000 employees between all their businesses and subsidiaries.

They have previously put money into groups denying climate change and attacking unions and workers’ rights.

But they have also pushed for criminal justice reform and made large donations to the American Civil Liberties Union

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