14-year-old girl arrested for not wearing a mask in public

Brenda Anzirimi and her daughter sitting outside the cells (Photo/Courtesy)

A 14-year-old girl was arrested yesterday evening for not wearing a mask in Mudete, Vihiga County. Her mother Brenda Anzirimi, shared her daughter’s plight in a Facebook group. The minor had been locked up in a cell with three other people. The mother is disabled and walks on crutches. She urged Kenyans to pray for her daughter.

“My daughter is 14 years and has been arrested for not wearing a mask. She is in a police cell. Please I just need a word of prayer for protection throughout the night, tumbo inanikata tu,” she wrote.

After agonizing hours in the prison cells, her daughter was finally released at midnight after a kind lawyer helped her. Lawyer Phyllis Chepkemboi from Kisumu Law Courts came to the rescue and the minor was reunited with her mother.

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“God bless you dear Phyllis Chepkemboi, thanks so much for coming to the rescue of my daughter. We are now out, sitting outside with my daughter as the lawyer is sorting out the matter. Thanks very much sister, I have nothing to pay you back with, only prayers,” The 14-year-old’s mother said.

While the Center for Disease Control condemns putting masks on infants below two years old, they do not say anything about children aged 10 years and above. In Uganda, the government donated free masks to all citizens who are 6 years old and above.

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The measures in place by Ministry of Health to combat Covid-19 include always wearing a mask in public and maintaining social distancing of 1 meter. Kenyans who are found breaking directives issued in line with the Public Health Act can face hefty penalties such a fine of Ksh 20,000 or six-month’ imprisonment.

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