BBI recommends return of Prime Minister, Official Leader of Opposition

The Building Bridges Initiative task force has recommended the establishment of a Prime Minister and the return of the Office of Leader of Opposition.

In the document that was presented today to President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga at State House Nairobi, the BBI committee recommends that Kenya retains a powerful President as is the case, who will be the Head of State and Government and will appoint the Prime Minister, who will supervise day-to-day government functions. Deputy President William Ruto was also present.

The President, will, however, still chair Cabinet meetings.

This points to the arrangement that was arrived at during the Grand Coalition Government in 2008.

The proposals will have to be put for a vote in a referendum if the report is presented to Parliament as a Bill.

The report also retained the position of Deputy President.

The President will appoint an MP from the largest party or coalition in Parliament as Prime Minister, who will then be approved by Parliament.

“The Prime Minister shall be the Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly. On the President’s tasking, the Prime Minister will chair Cabinet sub-committees,” the report says.

The PM can be dismissed by the President and Parliament – National Assembly — , through a vote of no confidence.

The President will have the leeway to appoint Cabinet secretaries from Parliament and technocrats, and upon approval, the latter will be

ex-officio MPs.

The team has also returned the Leader of Opposition, which will be occupied by the runner-up in a presidential race.

The Leader of Opposition will be an ex-officio MP.

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