Coronavirus: Kenyan students are safe in China, says Ambassador Wu Peng

China’s Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng speaks to editors on Thursday

As of February 13 (Beijing Time), there is a total of 59,885 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and1368 fatalities reported, China’s embassy in Kenya has said.

China’s Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng told editors on Thursday that 6,000 people have been cured in China (including HK, Macao and Taiwan).

“Good news is that, as of February 12, the newly reported confirmed cases in China (excluding Hubei) has marked the 9th day of declining,” Amb Wu said.

Despite this, Wu said Kenyan students are safe in China, noting that the Chinese government has the capacity and resources to manage the public health emergency effectively.

“I fully understand the concerns and fears of families of Kenyans living or studying in China, especially in Wuhan city. I wish to stress that, foreign nationals including Kenyan are safe in China,” he said.

Last Friday, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs CS said Kenya will not evacuate Kenyans students in China as they were safe.

“China is doing a great job protecting our students where they are. All [the students] are taken care of and well. We admire what China has been able to do. However, we are preparing for all contingencies,” Kamau said

Wu also announced that Chinese nationals entering Kenya are required to self-isolate themselves for a period of no less than 15 days as part of fight against the new coronavirus, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng announced Thursday.

This, however, raised questions of how this can be monitored.

“Quarantine themselves? What does that even mean? And do we just hope they will comply?” Patrick Gathara, a Nairobi-based commentator posed.

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