Diplomatic row intensifies as Somalia bans direct flights from Nairobi to Kismayu

In what appears as an escalation of the diplomatic tiff between Kenya and Somalia, Mogadishu has banned direct flights from Nairobi to Kismayu.

Somali will, further, scrutinize and vet all gods and people making entry into Somalia from Kenya.

The statement served to ban all air travel from Nairobi to Kismayu and instead reroute it to Mogadishu.

Kismayu is qualified as Somalia’s most prominent business hub.

Prior to this state directive, Kenyan planes could land in Kismayu, Mogadishu and the town of Garbaharey, in addition to access in dozens of airstrips across Somalia.

The move, in diplomatic circles, appears to take a retaliatory undertone. Kenya had suspended direct flights from Mogadishu to Nairobi, making reference to security concerns.

The Kenyan government also redesigned Visa and immigration endorsements directed that the activity take place in JKIA, rather than Somalia.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of Somalia


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