Uhuru blackmailed Sonko to hand over Nairobi county to Kenya mafia


Kenya’s Commander-in-Thief and Kenya Mafia have officially taken over the Nairobi County government.

President Uhuru Kenyatta blackmailed Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to hand over Nairobi City County to the national government.

Sonko is facing corruption charges, so is that agreement legal? Uhuru met and witnessed an agreement with Sonko, who is out on bail for corruption. Uhuru undermined the Judiciary yesterday, as usual.

President Uhuru won’t stop until he destroys the Judiciary, devolution and sneaks in BBI to come back as Kenya’s Prime Minister. Uhuru is keen to destroy all the gains from the 2010 Constitution.

Unfortunately, official opposition leader, Raila  Odinga, now works for Uhuru Kenyatta. He can’t speak anymore when things go wrong. He won’t speak when the Constitution, which Kenyans including him fought, suffered and some died for, is mutilated.

When Uhuru’s term comes to an end — it will end, nothing lasts forever — he will leave Kenya in debt and in worse shape than he found it. President Kenyatta is not only incompetent to lead us but he is also a THIEF. Every single mega project his government has initiated has led to loss of billions. Fish rots from the head and Uhuru is the leader of the gang of thieves looting Kenya. There is no difference between Uhuru Kenyatta and Mike Sonko, they have both failed spectacularly as leaders. Clown leaders! Patients are dying because of blood shortage. Blood banks are dry and if you get sick and you need a blood transfusion, you come with your own blood by getting people to donate. The National Blood Bank doesn’t have reagents for testing, it’s cold room is broken and so any blood they collect is going to waste. For the last 10 years, the main donor for our blood banks was the US Government but funding was cut last year. The Kenyan government didn’t budget for blood transfusions for 2020, because BBI was more important than Kenyan lives.

BBI is about old politicians remaining in power and mutilating the Constitution to create new positions for themselves. Uhuru has illegally allocated BBI Sh10 billion shillings and ZERO for blood transfusions. Your favourite politician will lie to you #BBINonsense will resolve this. You will believe them.

Ps: Functional alcoholics perfect the art of lying to the point that they don’t even know when they’re lying to themselves. Maybe, just maybe, Uhuru is a hostage of the deep state, they enable his alcoholism and he effects their orders.

Other countries have the mafia, in Kenya, the mafia have a country.

Boniface Mwangi is an activist

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