Kenya: President Kenyatta reorganises key ministries

President Uhuru Kenyatta, through an Executive Order signed on Friday evening, realigned government ministries.

In a move qualified as a way of strengthening public service, State House announced that the Department of Immigration was now under the Interior ministry.

The State Department of Irrigation has a new home within the Ministry of Water from its earlier domicile in the Ministry of Agriculture. Under the new arrangement, the ministry takes the name of Ministry of Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation.

The Presidential Delivery Unit has formally joined the Interior ministry. The Directorate of National Values and Cohesion equally moved to the giant Interior ministry.

Further changes as contained in the Executive Order no.6 of 2019 include changes to the Devolution ministry that will now handle the Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impact Project.

The Public Service ministry has attracted more functions including those of public service performance management and monitoring, while the EAC ministry now carries Kenya, South Sudan liaison services.

The National Treasury function portfolio incorporates additional functions of budget and policy strategy, while the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) moves

State House
State House

to the Treasury ministry





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