The deteroriation of a crisis: Mbagathi Hospital nurses down their tools

In the midst of a worsening medical crisis surrounding the spread of COVID-19, nurses at Mbagathi Hospital have downed their tools citing unpreparedness.

Speaking to the press, Mbagathi Hospital chairman George Osewe indicated that feelings of low safety levels, neglect and unpreparedness in handling the coronavirus prompted the strike.

“Personal responsibility is very important and it is good they have come out and demonstrated their grievances by the go slow. They are also humans and cannot be exposed to the danger of contracting the virus,” he said.

According to Osewe, only a section of the nurses working in the isolation section have received specialized training.

“I believe the government should move in and handle the situation because the policies lays with them. You cannot just train a few nurses and leave the rest just because they are not attached to the isolated block,” he added.

Kenya is in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic with 3 confirmed cases. However, the East African nation is yet to register a fatality.

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